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Alexis Meets Her Pop Star Crush Justin Bieber

Alexis Hero

“ This was an amazing experience to see my baby girl's wish come true! ”

- Mom

-    Alexis is an eight-year-old little girl who loves listening to her all-time favorite singer, Justin Bieber.  When volunteers from Make-A-Wish met with Alexis and her family, it didn't take long for her to figure out what her one true heartfelt wish would be -  to meet Justin Bieber.  The Make-A-Wish Foundation shared with her mom on Alexis’ eighth birthday that her wish was being granted. Mom decided to keep it a secret from Alexis because she wanted to surprise her the day they were leaving, and let the Make-A-Wish volunteers be the ones to tell her that she was going to fly to Philadelphia to meet Justin Bieber!   The day finally arrived when it was time for Alexis and her family to leave for Philadelphia.  The volunteers arrived at the airport before the family and had a life-size picture of Justin Bieber printed out, two new t-shirts for Alexis with Justin’s picture on them, and a cake to help celebrate this happy time.  When wish day was finally here, Alexis could not have been more excited for the opportunity to meet her celebrity crush.  A limo picked Alexis’ family up from their hotel, and took them to the venue where Justin would be performing later that night.  When the time arrived and Justin walked through the door, Alexis immediately started crying as soon as she saw him.  She was in shock that this was happening to her!  Justin spent one-on-one time with Alexis, posed for many pictures, and signed all the items she had brought for him to autograph.  Alexis was even able to sneak a kiss on the cheek from Justin! After the meet and greet, Alexis and her family were led to their seats where they enjoyed watching him perform.  This was a wish experience that was special not only to Alexis, but to her entire family.  Alexis’ mom said, “This was an amazing experience to be able to see my baby girl’s wish come true!”

Thank you for making this wish come true; not only did you grant my daughter her wish, but mine as well to be able to see her wish come true was a dream come true for me as well. ”

— Francisca, mom

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