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Connor Saves the Day as he Rescues a Princess


“ I want to go to Disney World because I want to save the princess and see Mickey Mouse ”

- Wish Child, Connor

Connor Williams, 4, of Mobile, Alabama was diagnosed with a cerebrovascular condition when he was 2 ½ years old after having a stroke.  Connor lost use of his left side, but after lots of therapy, testing, and surgeries he is finally a normal active kid again that loves exploring and running around his yard.  Connor, who turned four while on his wish trip to Disney World, loves being outside and playing with his friends and he also loves Disney.  Connor’s mom, Jennifer, said, “It was the most magical experience getting to celebrate his life while we were on our wish trip!” Connor has always wanted to save a princess from a group of pirates like he has seen in the movies. He gets his practice saving princesses by pretending his mom is a princess around the house and saving her from the evil, swashbuckling pirates.  So, for his wish, Connor got to be the knight in shining armor for one very lucky princess.

Connor’s wish was revealed to him in Mobile while being sent on a scavenger hunt around his parents’ backyard to find plastic eggs that had different words on them.  After he and his younger brother found all of the plastic eggs, they glued the words that they had found together on a piece of paper to reveal that Connor’s wish had been granted and he and his family were going to be headed to Disney World in just a few short weeks.

Connor and his family arrived at Give Kids the World on May 10 and the fun never stopped.  While there, Connor assisted the local prince in saving a princess from a band of no good scallywag pirates on the deck of the pirate’s ship. Connor stood triumphant after defeating those no good pirates and earning his hug from the beautiful princess and forced the pirates to hand over their weapons and become Connor’s prisoners. Connor never stopped smiling as he turned from a four-year-old boy…into a knight in shining armor. After rescuing the princess from those scoundrels, she asked him to escort her to the costume party at Give Kids the World Village where they danced the night away with the prince and the pirates he had defeated earlier in the evening! He also visited the castle where the princess lives and also visited one of his favorite Disney character’s, Mickey Mouse. Jennifer said “Connor was made to feel on top of the world and on top of the world he was!”

Like every wish, Connor’s wish was unique and planned specifically for him. It was his one true, heartfelt wish. Make-A-Wish Alabama, in its first year of operation as a new chapter in 2013, granted 130 wishes.  In 2014, Make-A-Wish Alabama is on course to grant at least 143 wishes. 

It was the most magical experience getting to celebrate his life while we were on our wish trip! ”

— Wish mom, Jennifer

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